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film & TV location services

For each type of location in which you're interested, you'll
receive a minimum of 12 shots. If you require specific types
of shots (barring the need for a helicopter) we'll get those
for you as well. Either way, all photos will take "the director's
eye" into consideration with regard to angles and lighting. If
you see something you like and need additional shots of that
location, we're happy to supplement with additional photos.

Need video of a location? We can supply you with up to
10 minutes of footage so that you can develop a real time
sense of the location. There's no other location company
that offers this type of service.

Considering listing your property for photo shoots, films and
television? No matter what your property is, it just might
fit the bill. The needs of our clients run the gamut from
simple residential and commercial to open pastures and
abandoned (but safe) warehouses. Fees you collect can be as
low as a few hundred dollars per day to several thousand
depending on the project.

As part of our services, we will advise you on what the
standard rates are for your type of property then work with
you and the production company to ensure that your
parameters of use are met and that all fees are collected.